Безпека це «Альфа Сек’юріті». Охорона по Рівне, та всій Україні. Перевірка на поліграфі, відео спостереження, супровід вантажу alfa-security.com.ua

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Juridical address:
33014, Ukraine, Rivne,
S. Bandera Street, 35

tel/fax: +38(0362)46-02-16

Security Specialist:
Khudyakov Yuri Vytalevych
mob.: +38(096)660-49-33
USREOU 34580795



Private security firm ‘’Alfa- security ‘’ offers such range of services:

1. Physical security of objects: hold wide-ranging protection of objects any form of ownership throughout Ukraine (businesses, offices, factories, residences, hotels (boarding), shopping centers, etc.). We offer qualified protection of our employees and the whole list of measures to control around the clock.

Our employees guarantee:

  • security of goods - material and monetary instruments, equipment and special transportation;

  • control - admission procedure;

  • 100% safety of life and personnel health;

  • order and enforce all rules inside the object mode;

  • controlling the order of objects and near it;

  • maintenance of protected goods, money and securities.

2. Personal protection.

Based on your tastes and preferences we will find you suitable individual form of security. For each person, personal protection is a guarantee of safety. We in turn guarantee not admissibility of any physical impact to customers and even if such an attempt be made, our specialists will quickly and painlessly eliminated it.

Our choice of personal bodyguards includes employees who received special training and passed all qualification levels. In the special training of guards teaches quickly assess the situation, predict all the possible variants of the result; take legal action to address this situation, for securing maximum a person who protected her family and property from hazards.

The list of personal services includes: analysis and compliance of safety in places of permanent residence;

  • analysis of safety client routes, continuous control of changes routes;

  • constant monitoring of nearing places to the client;

  • monitoring (purge) of the client’s single visit, tracking changes in these areas;

  • adherence to restrict access to client body, checking people trying to get closer to the client;

  • recognition and blocking of places available for the preparation of the assassination of the client;

ATTENTION: The total cost of personal security services depends on: the degree of risk, the required number of guards, guard mode, the period of a contract.

We also offer services for transportation clients in armored cars.

3. Video surveillance. Set alarm. Access control.

Video surveillance systems have no negative part to protect the client. They are widely to monitor the entire territory around the client.

"Alfa- Securitiy" designs, installs and still maintains alarm systems and fire alarm systems. This list includes:

  • placement of a single and centralized control over security and fire alarm;

  • collecting and processing information received from sensors (fire security devices);

  • mount touch sensors, detectors and fire alarm systems.


4. Mass events protection.

Not once our company safeguarded many crowded public events. Such as conferences, cultural and entertainment events, promotions, business talks, sporting events, weddings and birthdays, concerts.

Protecting mass events, our specialists are set to eliminate the following items:

  • careful monitoring of all visitors, monitoring the presence of invitations may test metal detector;

  • maintaining order at the event, and the area around;

  • protection of any supporting materials (displays, exhibits, models);

  • satellite protection of all guests things;

  • elimination of any disputes between participants.

Also, the cost of these services include:

  • providing the group with clothing (suits), and all the necessary equipped vehicles;

  • alternating group at the facility during the day, and a quick exit if necessary;

  • regular theoretical and practical training to improve the preparation of guarding;

  • provide all required documentation about the guards schedules and duties at the facility.

5. Maintenance and protection of any cargo transportation.

One of the points of our company services is to provide reliable support of various goods, in all possible ways of transport (road, rail, air).

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